Hyperplush debut @ Cafe Voltaire

February 19, 1999

    Friday night February 19th the Cafe Voltaire stage was set for the Hyperplush debut. Tables are covered with different colored paper and supplied with bowls of "hyperplush brand" crayons and blow bubbles so as to inspire the creativity of those in attendance. An array of different hand printed Hyperplush tees, tanks and teddies are hung around the room in different groupings. 10:15 pm the lights fade to black...crowd applause...a single spotlight washes diagonally over the left side of the multi "hyperplush" colored backdrop then notorious local Andy Warholish artist M.B. Hanrahan comes climbing through the open window stage right creeps across the thick furry rug to the wash of light with great camp and circumstance, unrolls a clear plastic sheet which she attaches to the backdrop and sprays with green paint, she removes the stencil providing a unique introduction by revealing the word HYPERPLUSH. Stage lights come up, the band takes the stage beginning their set with "Save a little" without pause they go right into the 2nd song "Chameleon". The response is tremendous as each song is followed by all kinds of applause, whooping and hollering. The band rocks out of the 3rd song "Blond" and again the room goes dark. The number "Forgot" begins along with a slide presentation full stage size words of the song being projected onto the backdrop. Followed without much delay "Come Sun," "I'm not tortured," "Take Me There,""More than equal" near the end of the scorching 1 hour set Loren invites Voltiare's Todd Winokur to come to the stage and proceeds to present him with the Hyperplush gold practice tape marking the bands 500th hour of rehearsal and to show appreciation for Todd and Voltaire providing a venue for local Art and Music. (Note: about a month ago just 1 week before playing halftime at the superbowl, Ventura's Big Bad Voodoo Daddy had played a special anniversary show at Nicholby's and had presented Nick with a Gold Record.) Todd seemed very pleased. Hyperplush then played a couple more songs "Time bomb formula" ending with "You can see angels" where Loren switches to Cello and Alexis to Clarinet. After much hoopla the band obliges the enthusiastic audience a single encore, an upbeat "What...did you say?" bringing the evening to a considered success. Raising $100.00 for the self designed cause "Art in Ashes" benefitting local artists who lost their work and supplies in recent Art City and MK Salon fires. Hyperplush looks forward to many more shows as they return to the rehearsals so as to add more songs as well as the recording studio to begin work on their CD single due out in a couple months and begin working on a full length CD promised by summers end. More to come soon...see ya there.



    photos: Steve Zambrano and Dale Dimmick

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