Who is Hyperplush

Loren Evans        Jeff Evans        Christine Lunde        Chris Jensen


Zircon Skye Production's recording artists HYPERPLUSH
appeared on the Ventura Music Scene at Cafe Voltaire
Feb 1999 with great pomp and circumstance. Forming the core
of Hyperplush are Jeff Evans - producer, arranger, songwriter and
all around versatile musician, and front person and lyricist
Loren Evans who provides smooth, sultry lead vocals while pumping
out bass lines with extreme precision and looking good doing it.
Jeff also works producing recordings for Zircon Skye Production
and has production credits include: Kitty Kat Stew. Orcas Ra
and Left of Memphis. Loren entered the musical world playing
Cello in the school orchestra. she found her niche in this
musical union by offering heady lyrics inspired by the everyday
world around her and influenced by the likes of Leonard Cohen
and Tori Amos. Loren spends days as an architect working for a
reputable Ventura firm. Jeff and Lorens previous endeavors
include: Scuba Divas. Freeway Daisies and more notably
Blimp - (discography: Vinyl Luxury Liner X-Static records.)
Laying down the back beat is drummer Chris Jensen known in
these parts for his past participation with several classic rock
bands...notably Rock Stew, Premonition and Sinister Fisch as well
as being somewhat of a photographic, design and advertising whiz kid.
Chris Jensen Photo/Design

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